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Tug of War Federation of India (TWFI ) is the apex body in the country which has the sole mandate to govern and conduct all activities for both men and women for the game of Tug of War. It is recognized as the National Sports Federation by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India vide letter no. F.No.9-1/98-SP-II dated 16th June 1999 as the sole body responsible for promoting and conducting the game of Tug-of-War in India.

TWFI is also affiliated to the International Tug of War Federation (TWIF), (and Asian Tug of War Federation (ATWF), and with other groups.

Information of Tug of War Federation of India TWFI

1 Name of the NSF Tug of War Federation of India TWFI
2 Date of Last Election held along with the details of the electoral college of the said election 6th August, .2017 at New Delhi
List electoral college
Sports Ministry Letter of approved Election
3 Detail of recognition/Affiliation of International/Asian body Affiliated with
TWIF Tug of War International Federation
ATWF Asian Tug of War Federation
SATWF South Asian Tug of War Federation
4 Name of Contact details of Office bearers President Secretary Treasurer
Name Shri Hari Shanker Gupta Ms. Madhavi Patil Mr. N.K.Chakravarty
Address B-2/17, Phase-2, Ashok Vihar, Delhi-110052 2428 A Word, Khari Corner, Kolhapur-416012 C-21, Prateek Enclave, Kamla Nagar AGRA, U.P.-282 005
Tele No. 09811010909 09958924306 08275052626
Mail ID hsgmla@gmail.com tugofwarfederationofindia@gmail.com tugofwarindia@yahoo.co.in
Tenure till date 30-01-2017 30-01-2017 30-01-2017
5 Details of ACTC for the year The game is not approved for coaching by SAI and NIS
6 Annual Audited Accounts for the last 3 financial years along balance sheet (as Audited by C.A. in CAG’s panel)

Annual Report
  1. Audited account as on 31-3-2015
  2. Audited account as on 31-3-2016
  3. Audited account as on 31-3-2017

Annual Report of 2017-18
7 Name of Contact details of the firm which audited account M/s.Vijay Sanghi & Co, Chartered Accountants U-198, Bank of Baroda Bldg., Vikas Marg, Shakarpur,New Delhi-110092 Membership No. 007650 N. CAG Panel Regn.No. DE 1719
8 Copy of valid registration Certificate of the Federation Registration Certificate of the Federation
  1. Constitution of the NSF
  2. Copy & Memorandum of Association
  1. Constitution of TWFI
  2. Memorandum of Association
10 Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Club units along with details of voting rights of each unit As per Constitution & bye-laws of TWFI
11 Name of Affiliated Units Affiliated Units of TWFI
12 Name and contact details of President & Secretary of Affiliated Units. Latest and verified information is not available hence not shared
13 Details of National Championships conducted during the current calendar year.
  • See more at: http://www.tugofwarindia.gov.in/Events.aspx
  • TWFI-Calendar 2018-19. The calendar for engagement will be approved during the first half of the year by Execo ,TWFI
14 Calendar for National & Zonal Championships to be held during current/next calendar year along with venue. To be approved by Technical games committee
15 Details in respect of International event abroad & held in India:-
i List of core probable’s and basis of their selection Not applicable for this game presently
ii Details of Coaching camps organized including venue, date and list of participants The game is not approved for coaching by SAI and NIS
iii Notification of selection criteria for such event at least 6 months in advance along with the detail of time and venue for selection Not applicable
iv List of the athletes selected Not applicable
v Details of athletes, support personnel and officials sent to the event along with the amount paid to them towards air fare, boarding and lodging, local transportation, daily allowances etc Not applicable
vi Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection , actual performance in terms of timing, distance, etc. and the position obtained by each athlete/team Not applicable
16 List of I cards issued to National Athletes with Name of athlete, I Card No. & Validity date. Not applicable
17 The details of certificates issued by the NSFs to the participants such as the name of the athlete, dated of event, position obtained by the athlete ,etc. Available on specific demand to Federation HQ, for the period of past ten(10) years only.
18 Action taken by the NSF for prevention of age fraud. No case detected because of fool proof method
19 Notifying/updating the present selection committee for national athletes. No need, as this is a group game and team positions in Nationals decide the representation
20 Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA/NADA code along with details of cases found positive during the last calendar years and action taken thereon. Federation has accepted all rules, guidelines issued by International federation and GOI in this respect but not commissioned the testing due to high cost constraints. No assistance from the govt. for incurred expenses
21 Details (amount & Source) of fund received from other souces, including private sponsors, public sector undertakings, State Governments ,etc. The game being of rural origin and not listed by SAI and NIS does not attract any corporate funding from PSUs, private sector or State governments etc.
22 Revenue generated by the NSF on its own See Statement of audited accounts above
23 Date on which the website was last updated 31st March, 2018